Unlike almost any other Develop Design Build firm, DCLA can confidently claim that we are your one stop shop for all Real Estate needs with a highly talented team that runs the gamut on smart Real Estate moves.


Are you a homeowner looking for the highest sale possible for your home? Are you unsure of what look to go for with your property or the budget it’ll take to get there? Maybe you’re a new developer and want to make sure your project pencils out. DCLA offers unfiltered and true consultation on all Real Estate. For a small initial fee, you can walk into your project with clear vision and confidence.


Our Design & Architectural Team work hand in hand with each individual to feasibly create the vision you see. With your list of wants and needs combined with our experience and understanding, the possibilities of your imagination are endless.


The title says it all. Starting off with simple home renovations and quickly moving into large additions and newly built structures, DCLA has experience in multiple forms of construction. We can gut your entire home and make it anew or formulate plans from scratch for your new apartment complex.

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

ADU’s are a huge opportunity for individual Home Owners to provide new housing units in their own backyard! From converting your current garage to adding a brand new structure, the benefits are enormous while being the most cost effective new structure to build today.


Prior to any construction, all cities, counties, and even neighborhood councils require permits. Knowing the right way to submit docs and guarantee an approval are near impossible feats that we continue to refine. Let our experience assist you in saving months to get your project approved and ready to build!

Multi Unit Development

Figuring out the right lot size, zoning, and max allowable build are just the first few steps in developing a Multi Unit. The myriad of details and key factors to assess prior to purchasing and developing a Multi Unit are what makes or breaks any deal. Plug into our experience and systemized approach in determining the highest and best use for any lot when analyzing Multi Unit Developments.


1031 exchanges..Opportunity Zones. Should you target Cash Flow or Equity? What does any of this mean? Can you get both? High W2 earners seeing large chunks of their income erased in taxes. We can sit with you and create a specific investment plan for you. Recurring Income from a safe investment to set up your retirement or make your money work for you is smart and we can help get you there!

Speaking Engagements
& Education

DCLA has been tapped to speak at numerous Real Estate Events from various local Investor Club meetings to specialized panels and podcasts. Have an event coming up and need real information for your guests? Let’s talk about how we can collaborate with you! With our experience and project scope steadily continuing it’s growth, the information we’ve shared here and on our YouTube channel is quickly leading to…. you’ll see.

Rental Analysis

Over the years DCLA has successfully Developed, Designed, and Built several Rental Income properties across Southern California. Typically, a DCLA property sells and rents for higher than comparable properties within its pocket. DCLA can assist you in creating the perfect Rental Income producing property for you and we’ll even get you to the point of it performing by targeting and acquiring the best tenants around.

Our Cribs & Coffee events provide a unique opportunity for you to walk through one of our investment homes side by side with us as we reveal all of the details surrounding the project while giving you a behind the curtain look at how we take a house from dilapidated and neglected to the most beautiful home on the block.

-Unlike anything else being offered in the world of real estate investing education today.

-Held at one of our various properties throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

-Frequency: Quarterly

-Designed to allow people to walk an actual deal at various stages of the renovation process and learn about what it takes to successfully execute a fix & flip.

-Also includes a Q&A session during which attendees can ask any questions they’d like pertaining to the property itself, or real estate in general.

-Free to attend

wanna get

Creating your Dream Home, Receiving Consultation on a longterm Income Producing Project, Designing your Boutique Hotel, or getting a Permitted ADU in your own Backyard — None of it is as hard as you may think. A couple simple clicks with your mouse and few keystrokes is all you need to get your project underway. Let’s Develop Design & Build together!